Saturday, August 9, 2008


Rebecca Clark said...

I didn't know this blog was here, but am so thankful to know it now. I miss the kids so much and think of them on a daily basis. Thank you for having this blog. It is such a gift to just sit here and watch the pictures. I love you and Dirk dearly. God bless.

Trisha Beaty said...

Kameran and I both remembered August 28 without any prompting by anyone. That was a day that changed our lives forever.As I sat here watching the video, it seemed like only yesterday. I got the same feeling of helplessness and anger that I had that night when Mark and I came home from the hospital and had to tell Kameran and Jaclyn their friends had been killed. I vowed then as a mother, a friend, and as a counselor that I would never let these kids forget what drinking and driving will do. Please know that I will do my part to try to prevent anything like this from happening again in Seminole, Texas. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you, Dirk, and those two beautiful angels God sent to you. We love you and we think of you often. Come see us sometime.

Trisha Beaty

Scott said...

Thanks for opening up your personal tragedy and reminding all of us parents how precious our time is with our children.

They don't belong to us .... and we only have them for a moment.

May God give you peace and fill the void of losing your children and grandchildren. Words can not express how difficult this would be if I lost my children.